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Free Classes/ Workshops

Here’s a current list of all of the great FREE Classes/ Workshops that take place at our office. We will continue to keep you all updated on any changes and will send out reminders when classes are coming up! We’re super excited to host these for our community and can’t wait to see you guys there!  

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The Power of Prevention: Elderberry Etc…

Used for its antioxidant activity to lower cholesterol, improve vision, boost the immune system, improve heart health and for coughs, colds, flu, bacterial and viral infections and tonsillitis. Elderberry juice was used to treat a flu epidemic in Panama in 1995.

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Little Girl Eating Yogurt

Probiotics for Optimal Health

The word “probiotic” is a compound of two Greek words: “pro,” to signify promotion of and “biotic,” which means life. Their very definition is something that affirms life and health. That’s true even by modern standards: the World Health Organization defines a probiotic as any living microorganism that has a health benefit when ingested. Research Reveals the Importance of […]

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Preventing Illnesses in Daycare

Can you prevent your child from becoming sick at a day care center? The short answer is no. Exposure to other sick children will increase the likelihood that your child may “catch” the same illness, particularly with the common cold. The primary rule is to keep your own children at home if they are sick. However, you can do the […]

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Child-Swapping- An Inexpensive Solution to Alone Time

Parents need timeout from parental duties. Whether it’s a night out with friends, a table for two, a concert, or a movie, quality time for parents is important to any relationship marriage and family. If you don’t think you can afford these dates without worrying about your kids’ happiness and safety, and childcare costs, you’re not alone. For this reason consider a child-swapping network with other couples. It is a convenient, inexpensive, reliable and rewarding alternative to a babysitter.

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Parental Alone Time

The Happy Parent, Happy Child Relationship: A parent is a role model for his or her child. If a parent is happy, a child is more apt to be happy as well. A child will mimic parental behavior, and learn what type of behavior is not only acceptable, but worthwhile as well. Guiding your child to understand that being happy […]

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Expressing Warmth and Affection, Helping Children Build Relationships

Expressing warmth and affection to children is important for many reasons. It’s crucial for children of all ages to be appropriately touched and hugged by adults. Touching and holding infants and toddlers helps them feel secure and learn to trust their caregivers. A positive and supportive relationship promotes brain development. By remaining calm and responsive to the child’s needs, adults […]

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Sibling Rivalry

Below we present some parenting tools that we hope will help you handle normal sibling rivalry in a way that enhances your relationship with your children as well as enhancing their relationships with each other. The following recommendations are from “Siblings without Rivalry“, by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish. We’ve presented some highlights, but if sibling rivalry is a challenge […]

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Bonding With Grandparents

Have you ever turned to your parents, your spouse’s parents, or older relatives for advice or support with your child? If you have, you’ve probably realized how wonderful grandparents can be. Encouraging a close relationship will benefit grandparents, parents and children. The following are some benefits of bonding and tips on staying in touch with your child’s grandparents. Benefits of […]

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Challenging Behaviors

Challenging Behaviors in Young Children: What are They Trying to Tell Us? Children can and do tell us a great deal about what they need through both verbal and non-verbal communication. At those moments when we are paying closest attention, we can discern a child’s deepest needs. Challenging behavior can be one of the most difficult forms of non-verbal communication […]

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