Screen Time


· Not recommended for children under 2 years of age. 1-2 hours for those over 2.
· Set limits on the amount of TV your child watches as well as how long they are in front of a computer and/or playing video games. Be firm. Limit children’s screen time to an hour or two daily.
· Hide the remote. Eliminate channel surfing which encourages passive viewing.
· Keep TV’s out of your youngster’s bedroom. Children should watch their favorite shows in a central area of the home.
· Whenever possible, videotape programs and watch them later. Fast forwarding through commercials will shave ten minutes off of every hour of TV viewing.
· Discourage repeated viewings of the same video. The graphic language, violence and sexual content of movies rated PG-13 and R can have a cumulative effect on a child if they’re watched over and over again.
· Harness the power of television in a positive way. TV can be a valuable tool for learning and expanding one’s awareness of the world.
· Make use of ratings systems to know whether or not a program or movie is appropriate for your child.