Parenting Resources

• Supporting the Parent Centers Who Serve Families of Children with Disabilities—
• Developmental disability help—
• The Arc of Colorado promotes and protects the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and actively supports their full inclusion and participation in the community throughout their lifetimes.—
• SpED/504 Resources
o Parents, educators, advocates, and attorneys come to Wrightslaw for accurate, reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities. —
o Colorado’s Protection & Advocacy System and home to Colorado’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman & Legal Assistance Developer for the Elderly Programs.—

• ZERO TO THREE: Mindfulness in Early Childhood —
• Positive parenting and healthy development for babies and toddlers, with an emphasis on families living in low-income communities. —
• Left Brain Buddha is your online resource for living and parenting mindfully, joyfully, and thought-fully ~ even in your left-brain, analytical life! —
Early Childhood resources
• A collaborative team of early childhood advocates dedicated to the vision of bringing comprehensive, high-quality services to children and their families. We believe that our future depends on investing in children, for it is in the hands of our children that the communities of tomorrow will be built.—

Cost Free Resources
• Aunt Bertha is a free search engine allowing searches for free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training, and more!—-
• Climate Love Project designs kids’ activities and creative workshops for grownups to build community, teach emotional intelligence and encourage creative thinking. Our activities are perfect for parties, community events, classrooms, retreats & gifts. —
• Free Forest School ignites children’s innate capacity to learn through unstructured play in nature, fostering healthy development and nurturing the next generation of creative thinkers, collaborative leaders and environmental steward.—-
• Helpful parenting tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics—