Dear Families,

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, we have some important updates for you.

Know we are in the office to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please call between regular office hours 8:00am – 5:30pm. Outside of these hours (we, and) our answering service are available at our regular office number 970-259-7337.

First and foremost:


After much research AND an unforeseen conversation with Dr. Reuben Granich, a doctor who has worked at the World Health Organization on infectious disease control, we offer these recommendations if/when you must go to the store during this time.

  • Please do not take your children with you.
  • Limit trips to once a week or once every 2 weeks, and most importantly:

Keep social distance (6 feet) when you are out under all circumstances

  • Please cover your face. (See the article below, as it explains it all very clearly)
  • A bandana will:
  • Remind you not to touch your face (do not reach under your face cover)
  • Remind us all that we are in a pandemic and need to take responsibility for ourselves and others (many do not know they are contagious)
  • Wash/sanitize your hands before putting on and removing face cover
  • Drop your face cover directly into your washing machine and/or sanitize it as is recommended.
  • Sanitize and wash hands frequently and immediately, especially after touching things in the outside world.

Guidance against wearing masks for the coronavirus is wrong – you should cover your face

The above guidance is for when you are going to stores. Please do get outside your home and breathe in some fresh air at least 6 feet from anyone around you!