Hi Families!

We appreciate your patience during these odd times. We know a lot of you are wondering when you can start bringing your children back into the office. Currently, we are still using Telehealth as our primary method of seeing patients, but we will start scheduling in office visits for all children 2 years old and younger for their Well Child Checks and immunizations.

Office Visit Requirements:

  • Everyone in the household must be completely healthy, in addition to the people coming into the office for an appointment. If that is not the case please call and reschedule.
  • One parent per child.
  • Bring a paper towel or disinfectant wipes to open doors, push buttons, including car handles.
  • Avoid the elevator if occupied.
  • Everyone must wear a face covering (a simple bandanna will do).
  • Please fill out all CHADIS screeners before appointment when possible.
  • For all other patients we will continue to do Telehealth for sick visits, medication and behavioral health.

Please review these requirements before your appointment. We are doing our best to keep everyone safe!