Your kids are heading back for another year at school. For some kids this is an extremely exciting time and for other kids the mere idea of this can cause anxieties. For many families this may be the first year your child is attending school and for others starting school has become routine throughout the years. To make for a smooth and healthy transition, we did some research and put together some essential tips and hints for everyone starting the school year.


· Is your child registered? When is the first day of school? What time does school start?
· What time is lunch? Can your child buy it at school, and how much will it cost? Will she/he need a snack?
· Have you filled out all the health forms or emergency contact forms that have been sent home?
· Have any new health problems developed in your child over the summer that will affect his/her school day? Does the school nurse know about this condition, or is an appointment set up to discuss it?
· If your child needs to take medication at school on the first day, have arrangements been made for this?
· Does your youngster know where she/he is going after school (e.g., home, babysitter)? Does she know how she will get there? If you will not be there when she arrives, does she know who will be responsible for her, what the rules are, and how to get help in an emergency?


When choosing the right backpack, look for the following:

· Wide, padded shoulder straps – Narrow straps can dig into shoulders. This can cause pain and restrict circulation.
· Padded back – A padded back protects against sharp edges on objects inside the pack and increases comfort.